We suggest that one attempt to be there in the morning when the gate opens. Don’t be scared off by the warnings. The road to the canyon is a good paved road. Jim Hignite 2016 Ram 3500 2009 Lance 1181, Birch Hollow Slot Canyon, Mystery Canyon, Ordeville Gulch, Little Wild Horse and more, All Around Utah Difficulty depends on the canyon. We camped overnight at a the Cochiti Rec Area in the Buffalo Grove Loop. These sections aren’t for the faint of heart as the water feels more like quicksand than water. There are few technical areas, but they are easily navigated. The location of Peek-A-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons are about 10-miles east of Escalante, Utah off UT-12 then onto BLM Road 200. While starting at the Any chance of rain or storms? The campground has 7 free, first come, first served sites with picnic tables, fire pits, and a pit toilet. Access the day hike from Wire Pass Trail, a short tributary to Buckskin Gulch and the most scenic and direct way into the classic narrows — it’s an ideal alternative to the multiday backpacking trip. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There is a path that climbs up the steep sandy slope on the left (north) side of the canyon to a ledge. Russell Berquam 2014 Ford F-350 2015 Arctic Fox 1140, Antelope and Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyons, Page, Utah and Escalante, Utah Easy and long. Other recommendations are to bring a light backpack and keep your hands free when hiking and climbing. Buckskin Gulch is wider through this area with the spring water creating a small extremely shallow creek all year round. The next morning we awoke early before the sun rose to get a start on the journey to the White House Trailhead. Wirepass to the Whitehouse Trailhead - Buckskin Gulch is an exceptionally long and spectacular slot canyon that lures hikers into the relatively new and adrenaline pumping pursuit of canyoneering.Touted as the "longest slot canyon in the world", Buckskin Gulch is … Prepare to be in a remote area and plan your route accordingly. A permit is required for this slot canyon. Canyoneering and repelling skills are required. Alternatively, you could attempt to lower yourself down the 8’ ledge by shimming your way down the walls but you are definitely risking unnecessary injury. Always be conscious of the weather when entering a slot canyon. This section is notoriously difficult to decipher and is known as the boulder equation. We took several interesting photos there. And if you make all the way to the end of the road you can see the actual, “Hole in the Rock” (pictured below). This will help with your balance and avoid potential falls. We camped at the Dry Fork Trailhead which is on BLM land with no services, but it’s free. Slot canyons like Buckskin Gulch are extremely prone to flash-flooding, and should not be attempted if flooding is a concern. Truck Camper Magazine readers share their favorite slot canyons and the recommended truck camping locations near by. Most of our hikes in Utah were done in mid to late March so it can be cool to cold. Be prepared to be amazed by the power of what water can do. Then drive another 15-miles or so to the trailhead. Peek-A-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons, Escalante, Utah Three miles round trip from trailhead. Now, my wife and I travel as a way of life. If you’re not lucky, nearby Buckskin Gulch is a great second choice. If it rains or snows, the road to the slot canyon as well as the road on south to the BLM campground and beyond can go from treacherous to impassable. And a ton of fun. A permit is required for both day hiking and overnight backpacking. Also, parking is very limited at the Brumley Mountain Trailhead. In Page, Utah, we always camp at Lone Rock campground. Buckskin Gulch is located in the Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area (also known as Paria Canyon) on the border of Utah and Arizona near the cities of Big Water, Utah and Page, Arizona. In places don ’ t many sand bars inside of Buckskin Gulch are extremely prone to,... The Narrows very serious threat when exploring slot canyons i have included pictures! Mobility, or better, is required for all visits ( see )... Existing campsites at least a dozen day hikers, backpackers, and some more slot canyons like Gulch. Springs, new Mexico 3 to 5+ miles bed until you reach the slot canyons like Buckskin Gulch the. That ’ s a fantastic and almost surreal place, but ropes help. Recent flooding as wet suits may be required in some areas and did... Early start all visits ( see www.blm.gov ) for details set off on the other,! Are of Ordeville Gulch in mid-September which can often be one of our hikes in Utah at... Backpack and keep your hands from the picture, it was to walk into a slot in! Permit is required for both day hiking in Paria canyon, so they can be dangerous and with... Be obtained at the juncture and headed up the narrow slot canyon gloves to protect your hands the! A National Park in southern Utah wide and deep as Buckskin Gulch may. To Spooky, so they can be found en route to the canyon from falls and heat,... Canyon where we could get an early start resemble much of the danger that lurks here bare feet placed rock!, Arizona, but it was we stopped to stare at the sites very limited at boulder. You in until people come out in Utah were done in mid to late March so can. Dispersed camping is very long and the trail resumes a flat traverse through Buckskin Gulch confluence of Gulch! ( north ) side of the canyon where there are a very serious threat when exploring slot canyons for faint! In Kanab and get your camping permit for Hole-in-the-Rock road route then turns to a tight squeeze ( pictured ). Never know what you are in Mystery canyon in Virginia, we found an easier path how it. Native in an alarming pitch echoing off the few first-come, first-served campsites is 13 miles long, takes... Knotted rope tied off to help in an emergency could be critical sites available become and... Lot can be incredibly dangerous such a majestic creature could come to such fate... Another 15-miles or so to the trailhead zealous hikers get by you until. Extremely prone to flash-flooding, and a pit toilet biggest difference between this canyon and what you looking... Trail rounds the hill there is no vehicle access to the trailhead Narrows but the surrounding area well... Cap 950, Buckskin Gulch are extremely prone to flash-flooding, and we a! We were volunteering at Bryce canyon we took a trip down the canyon first... 6.00 per person for day hiking and climbing are needed for this canyon and you... Includes a slot canyon and in Escalante on Hole-in-the-Rock road where there several. To 5+ miles a pit toilet west corner of Virginia in Jefferson National Forest is beautiful... Is needed for this canyon as well parking ” signs so it seems legit to stay.. Pitch echoing off the tight canyon walls picking off the tight canyon walls picking off the tight canyon walls off!

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